RID believes that a large part of what is causing anxiety and stress within our culture a lack of community and a sense of belonging. Everyone wants to know that they have a place to belong, a group of people in which they feel valued, a tribe where they can take off the armor and be their true self. We believe that part of society today has been ripped away and replaced with an emphasis to live in silos, protected from the people around us, when we are actually designed to be a part of something bigger. Part of how we learn to live as our true selves is through living in authentic community.

Restoration ID believes that AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY provides a place for REAL CONVERSATIONS. As we do this, we believe that the value of individuals will be restored through the building of communities as a whole. Don't do life in alone, find your tribe today. There's always a place for you to jump in...

Check out all the ways you can jump in and start building community:

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RID Nights happen on the THIRD THURSDAY of every month starting at 6PM. The locations vary and the activities change but the encouragement of men gathering together to challenge each other to become better is at the core of what RID Nights is all about. Check the calendar below to see where the next location is.

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Daring Greatly Men's Retreats are 3 day retreats with groups of 10-15 men on a working 1400 acre working ranch in Logansport, LA. This is the opportunity you've been looking for to relax, recharge and refocus in the middle of the business of life. Check out upcoming Retreat options here.


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