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We all have the desire within us to live a life that feels like ours. We are designed for more than just coasting through insignificance. Deep down inside of us, we know that passion and sacrifice is tied to our identity. There's a calling to more but culture today doesn't give us a road map or even markers along the way. What does it mean to become whole-hearted? How do I know if I'm where I'm supposed to be, and doing what I'm called to do? What does it look like to live a life unleashed and full of passion? How do I move from the mundane to a life of significance... a life that is daring greatly for more? RID will help guide you on the journey that is the answer to these questions.


Discovering that the destination is not the point... the journey itself is. ​ We will help you make this discovery through targeted experiences within the context of the retreat that take you outside of your comfort zones and open your hearts and minds to new ways of looking at yourself and the world. The experiences are meant to show you what your power is for and how to direct it in healthy ways that make yourself and the world better. During the retreat, you will also participate in question led discussions that come out of these experiences that invite you to explore your hearts and seek out parts of yourself you have neglected or perhaps never even acknowledged. These discussion tear down stereotypes and false expectations and invite you to return to your true self. This journey, along with the shared experiences allow you to build authentic community and bonds so that you can walk the path with others who care deeply for you and are on the journey themselves.

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