As human beings, we are designed for more than just coasting through a life of insignificance. Deep down inside of us, we know that passion and sacrifice is tied to our identity as people. There’s a calling to more but culture today doesn’t give us a road map or even markers along the way. What does it mean to become whole-hearted? How do I know if I’m where I'm supposed to be? What does it look like to live a life full of passion but at a speed that my soul can keep up? How do I move from the mundane to a life of significance… a life that is daring greatly for more?

Restoration ID is an organization that is committed to forging a path that allows people to find the way to their truest self through AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY and REAL CONVERSATIONS around a deeper calling that most of us instinctively know is there, but aren't sure how to find. 

Welcome to the journey...

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