Being a First Responder isn't a call for everyone. Those who respond to that call are different... they are called from a deep sense of honor, love for others, and self sacrifice. With that call comes the unique stresses of the job - pressure both individually and on their families.  

Restoration ID (RID) is an organization committed to helping people discover their truest self so they can live whole-hearted lives. We understand the weight you carry as a first responder has a dramatic effect on who you are and who you are becoming, not just for you, but for your co-workers and your families. 

It's time we take back our truest self and live whole-hearted lives. It doesn't happen overnight but the journey is worth it. The invitation is open: will you join us in discovering the ancient path that will undoubtedly bring rest your soul, reignite your passions and restore your true identity so that you can live a whole-hearted life. 



Family Days

While those you serve alongside week-in and week-out quickly grow to brothers and sisters, often times, families of First Responders can feel like they are overlooked. Family Days are simply days that RID has designed specifically to bring families of First Responders together so that they can both have fun and get to know other families like theirs. Our hope is that relationships will develop so that families can both get to know and support each other. To find out when the next Family Day is, contact us here.

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Deployment Support Network

In moments when all hell is breaking loose in the world, as a First Responder, your call is to leave those you love to go help those in need. That's where RID can help. We have a network of people that can help support your loved ones during your deployment so that you can focus on getting home safe. Whether its clearing a driveway of storm debris or throwing a tarp on a leaky roof, RID wants to help take care of your family so that you can focus on taking care of those who need it most, and then return home safely. For info on joining the team, click here. If you are a First Responder needing help, click here.

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Restoration Resources

The dark side of being a First Responder is often times overlooked and ignored. RID understands that there is a lot of things that those who are the first to run into crisis for others, causes crisis in their own lives as well. While we can't offer the help that you may need, we can help offer the resources to get it to you. RID is committed to helping resources for first responders get to where they are needed. If you would like to help provide these resources, if you are in need of resources, or have questions about what we can offer, contact us here.