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Why First Responders

Being a First Responder isn't a call for everyone. Those who respond to that call are different... they are called from a deep sense of honor, love for others, and self sacrifice. With that call comes the unique stresses of the job - both individually and on their families.

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Just the Facts

  • According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), roughly 1 in 3 First Responders develop PTSD.

  • Depression is up to 5 times more common in First Responders.

  • Studies show the divorce rate for law enforcement personnel is around 75 percent.

  • Statistic show that First Responders are more likely to die from suicide than from a duty related death.

How We Can Help

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First Responder Breakfasts

Once a month Restoration ID provides breakfast for different agencies. The goal of these meals is more than just to feed people... it is to create space for relationships to develop. When First Responders are in crisis, one of the the biggest concerns is how their peers and agency will respond to their situation. Our goal is to provide relation based help from outside of the agency so they can have a peace of mind as they seek the help they need.

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First Responder Family Events

Often times, families of First Responders can feel like they are overlooked. Family Events are simply opportunities that RID has designed specifically to bring families of First Responders together so that they can both have fun and get to know other families like theirs. Our hope is that relationships will develop so families can get to know and support each other.

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Deployment Support Network

In moments when all hell is breaking loose in the world, a First Responder's call is to leave those they love to go help those in need. That's where RID can help. We have a network of people that can help support their loved ones during deployment so that they can focus on getting home safe. Whether its clearing a driveway of storm debris or throwing a tarp on a leaky roof, RID is available to help take care of First Responder's families. To request support, click here.

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First Responder Disaster Relief

We all know that when disasters happen, First Responders are already answering the call. Part of our goal at RID is to step into that call with them, whether that be by helping to run a shelter for their Families while they are on duty, or that be by providing hot meals on site as they work 16 hour shifts during the wake of a disaster response. Our heart is to help ease their mind and give them a since of home to come back to as they answer the call to go save lives.

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