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Donations Have Never Been So Easy...

Restoration ID is committed to forging a path that allows us to find the way, and to lead the journey to our truest self through authentic community and real conversations around a deeper calling that most of us instinctively know is there, but aren't sure how to find. Thank you for helping to create that community. Thank you for being a part of the conversation. Thank you for working toward creating a culture that matters.

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Way to Give

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One-Time or Monthly Gifts

Corporate partners, organizations, and individuals have worked with Restoration ID to help create authentic community where people find encouragement and help. If you would like to donate monthly, we can help you set that up as well.

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Walmart Roundup

Shop online at Sign up for Walmart's SPARK Program and round your orders up to the nearest dollar for RID.  In order to take advantage of the Round Up program, you need to set us as your current charity by following the link below. Then make sure to check "Round Up" EACH time you check out!

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Buy Merch - Support a Cause

Buy RID gear and support the RID cause. Every shirt or hat you purchase raises awareness and helps us to continue to create spaces for authentic community with real conversations.


Get Creative

From Facebook Fundraisers to Go Fund Me, there are lots of ways you can help bring both awareness and support to Restoration ID while bringing people into the conversation.

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