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Our Why

All evidence points to the fact that people feel more isolated and alone more now than ever before. Despite social media, instant messaging, and the ability to FaceTime across continents, we suffer from loneliness, anxiety and depression on a chronic level. As a culture, we ache for community and all that comes with it.

Learn more about how we can help.


Discover how authentic community leads to whole hearted living.

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First Responders always help our families... see how RID helps theirs.


Living IN Community propels people into their full potential through doing life together.

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Who Is RID

Who We Are

RID started as a couple of close friends wondering what life would look like if they stopped bowing to the cultural pressures to live relatively safe lives and started living life open and whole-hearted in how they related to both their families and others. In doing so, not only did they find a path to being better personally but they showed up more authentically with their families, friends and coworkers. From there, RID developed into a variety of ways for men and women to restore their identity and show up as their true selves where they live, learn, work and play.

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