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Restoration ID is an organization that is committed to helping people return to their truest selves so they can live
whole-hearted lives.

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First Responders help our families, see how RID helps theirs



Discover how authentic community leads to whole-hearted living



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"It's an awesome opportunity to disconnect from the world's concerns and pressures and focus on who we are... I think the brotherhood and fellowship is a byproduct of us being obedient and open. 

Dave Conyers


Navigating life isn't always easy but there is a path, a journey, that we can almost sense is out there that leads to more... 

Restoration ID is an organization committed to helping people discover their truest self. We all have spent years putting on armor to protect our hearts, silencing the warrior within us to protect our reputation and pretending to be someone we know deep down we are not, all in the name of playing it safe. 

It's time we take back our truest self and live whole-hearted lives. It doesn't happen overnight but the journey is worth it. The invitation is open: will you join us in discovering the ancient path that will undoubtedly bring rest to your soul, reignite your passions and restore your true identity so that you can live a whole-hearted life?

Man Hiking in Nature


Sitting by Campfire

RID started as a couple of close friends wondering what life would look like if they stopped bowing to the cultural pressures to live relatively safe lives and started living life open and whole-hearted in how they related to both their families and others. In doing so, not only did they find a path to being better personally but they showed up more authentically with their families, friends and coworkers. From there, RID developed into a variety of ways for men and women to restore their identity and show up as their true selves where they live, learn, work and play.

Restoration ID is committed to forging a path that allows us to find the way to our truest self through authentic community and real conversations around a deeper calling that most of us instinctively know is there, but aren't sure how to find.



We believe that authentic community with real conversations leads to whole-hearted living.